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Welcome to Chaaban Bros
Home Improvement Retailer Since 1971
Honing in on the intersection of modern designs and premium quality, Chaaban Bros offers a unique selection of quality home improvement goods and services, ranging from roller blinds to shopfittings.
With over 2,000 home decor products, the possibilities to design and execute your dream home are endless.
Founded in 1971 in Beirut, Lebanon, Chaaban Bros has established itself as a pioneer family-run business selling premium quality wholesale and retail home improvement products.

Explore Our Services

1. Installation: Our team of experienced technicians are available round theclock for various installation services, including but not limited to: PVC folding doors, parquet floors, and wallpaper.
2. Consultation: A team of experienced and well-informed installers and sales representatives are available at all times.
3. Measurements: Our free consultation service allows you access to an expert designer to help with flooring, roofing and window blind measurements.

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Make It A Snap

Why Chaaban Bros? Choose it to add a charming and stylish touch for your home decoration. Your home is your pride! Measure the length and the width to create your own design and get the specific material. Order the excellent quality of window covering with priceless prices! Our team will offer you installation for your home design.